Climate Change: Water, Responsibilities and Actions


VA-teknik Södra, Sweden Water Research och Avdelningen för Chemical Engineering vid LTH håller seminarie om klimat kopplat till vatten och energi.

Öppet seminarium i Lund 29/1 kl. 13-15.30 med tre välmeriterade forskare inom området. Seminariet är gratis, men registrering krävs härlänk till annan webbplats senast 22/1.

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Welcome to an open seminar in Lund
29th of January 13.00-15.30

Climate Change: Water, Responsibilities and Actions
The effects of a changing global temperature will affect most natural systems and changes to the hydrological cycle is one of the first effects that we will be able to notice and perhaps we are unwillingly already experiencing these changes. In 2014 the cloudburst event in Malmö, came as a surprise despite a similar rain event in Copenhagen, in 2011 and in 2018 a drought came as a surprise to Sweden. It seems as if the time for planning for an uncertain change in the distant future is over and we, as a society, need to respond to the signs of change now.
Welcome to this seminar that will give you the opportunity to learn from three distinguished researchers on how this transition process into an unknown future is accommodated!

*Climate Change, Water and Energy – they are all related! Gustaf Olsson
*Climate Action: Why Some Countries are Poorly Rated? Zaini Ujang
*Why care about responsibility in climate adaptation? Åsa Knaggård
*ECOSHIFT: From Climate Action to Climate Culture Zaini Ujang

The seminar takes place in Lund at Kemicentrum/Lund University Wednesday the 29th of January 13.00-15.30 (registration starts at 12.30) and ends with coffee/tea, cake and discussions. Directions on how to find the lecture hall will be sent out to those who have registered on the 22nd of January.

The seminar is free, but You need to sign up for the seminar via the link for registration. If the seminar is fully booked we will apply a waiting list. LAST DAY FOR REGISTRATION is 22nd of January. The seminar is free, but we apply a no-show fee of 300 kr.

Questions? Contact Maria Messer at
We are looking forward to meeting You in Lund!

Karin Jönsson & Henrik Aspegren
VA-teknik Södra & Sweden Water Research & Dept. Chemical Engineering at Lund University

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